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Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile is for people who want to have a bright and beautiful smile and enhance their self-confidence.
It is a cosmetic process that is performed by peeling on teeth and work of these standards is a pit.
Evenly and regularly to match beauty of the world smile in terms of size, color and appearance.
There are different types of dental scales:
Porcelain – zirconia – Emax Lumner.

Uses of dental scales:

  • Tooth scales are used to hide pigmentation caused by smoking or drinking soft drinks that result from it Pigmentation.
  • Tooth scales treat frontal fractures.
  • The veneer covers gaps between teeth.
  • It helps to treat irregular teeth to get a wonderful and wonderful smile.

Tooth scaling:

Installing scalps to get a Hollywood smile needs two steps:
Step 1: Dentist checks, takes patient’s dental template and sends it to laboratory.
Prepare ceramic flakes appropriately to show a great smile.
Step 2: Doctor prepares teeth by preparing teeth to make them suitable for afterward.
*Install scalings on it, then doctor installed scales on it to look natural, and that patient gets a wonderful and beautiful smile.
Emax Luminer does not need much attention because its color does not fade with time and is not
Affected by soft drinks, tea or coffee.

Dental implants:

It is most successful method because it does not affect in any way teeth and surrounding tissues.
Dental implants are root of teeth lost by titanium which in turn have no side effects on jawbone or body in general…

Conditions to be eligible for dental implants:

  • Patient must be in good health from some diseases, especially primary or secondary uncontrolled.
  • Diabetes or advanced osteoporosis.
  • There is a sufficient and appropriate amount of jawbone, which must be placed inside implant or so-called orthopedic bed is adequate and sufficient to ensure stability of primary implant.
  • In special cases of bone absorption, bone loss must first be compensated and implant must be completed.

How to implant:

When patient makes final and complete decision to perform dental implants and use It is planted to make up for lost area ..

Or to complete patient’s functional and cosmetic condition and choose appropriate doctor, which in turn performs necessary radiological examinations (panoramic image) for evaluation.

Bone transplantation and necessary blood tests and knowledge of percentage correcting calcium in blood ..

Doctor also examines neighboring teeth and oral health in general, as there is a healthy oral environment. It must be available to receive implant.

As well as alerting doctor to patient for appropriate guidance to maintain oral and dental hygiene health after the implant, which is essential for the success of the procedure.

Dental implant steps:
Step 1: Prepare right place and prepare it for right dental implant

Step 2: Begins after implant is completed where body or human body is receptive to transplant. This process takes six months for upper jaw and three months for lower jaw.

Step 3: Stage where implants are installed for final installations and includes:
Number of final confirmation sessions for required functional and cosmetic products.

In general, transplant is performed without pain, depending on modern methods and modern and special equipment for transplant as well as in terms of academic standard used and necessary for success of transplant, where success rate of operation is 95%. And average age of dental implants is 25 years.

It can last longevity but consider patient’s attention to oral health, we take great care of it.


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