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Gastric Sleeve

Technique also known as vertical gastrectomy. It is based on cutting a large part of the stomach so that it is in the shape of a tube or sleeve, thus reducing the volume of the stomach and becoming a continuation of the esophagus. The focus of this surgery is the removal of 80% of the stomach, including the area of ​​the fundus where the appetite hormone is secreted. After removing most of the stomach; With reduced food intake and loss of appetite, the patient can begin to lose weight very quickly.

This surgery is indicated for those patients who have tried different ways to lose weight and have not succeeded and who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and / or respiratory problems, among others, these caused or derived by obesity. This procedure is performed laparoscopically where 4 small incisions will be made to access the introabdominal cavity, this operation lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Before undergoing this intervention, it is necessary for the patient to perform different tests and examinations to confirm if he is healthy enough to carry out the operation, it is recommended for smokers who stop smoking before and after the procedure since smoking slows down recovery and increases the risk of problems.

Those patients who suffer from gastric reflux are considered to have to opt for gastric bypass as the best option.

Normally the patient can return home two days after the intervention and should start a liquid-based diet, then add soft foods, at the end of the month you can consume solid foods as usual.

The benefits of a gastric sleeve completely outweigh the risks, however, it is important that you are informed about what these could be, so it is also important to communicate to the doctor all the symptoms that may present after the intervention for any early detection at the same time. the controls and reviews that the doctor will perform.

A leak can present as elevated body temperature, severe abdominal pain, high pulse, chills, and fatigue. Detecting and treating a leak for an experienced doctor is easy to treat.

There may be a risk of embolism as in any other surgical procedure, so it begins with anticoagulants and compression stockings, in addition, they should receive anticoagulant injections at home for 10 additional days after discharge from the hospital.


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